Oh hai! You want to know more? I’ll give you more then!

Durban born, 20 years young and famously known for my big hair AND my big mouth. I’m a home bird, I love Netflix, bright lipstick, podcasts on a Sunday and all things local. Also – I’m so single!

Work-wise I’m a receptionist at an amazing marketing company. I am so glad to have had the opportunity and really enjoy what I do!


My passion for blogging started in the way back when of 2015 – not that long ago actually! It all started off with book reviews, evolved into my teenage angst story times(some of them still available to read) and a few chats about body image. I really struggled with my appearance for a good few years and blogging set me right in a sense. Writing – even if in the moment it’s not the most eloquent heals my souls better than anything else. I like to think it’s to do with personal expression.

Why Oh, Sam? Well in school as stated above I have a gigantic mouth. Somehow “oh, Sam!” was born. It was written in bathroom stalls, on books and under desks. You name it, it was there. It’s a sweet little homage to my teenage years and to be honest nothing else felt right when it came to giving my website/ blog/ podcast hosting a name!

I think that about covers it really! I love a good chat so if you would like you can always press one of my social media buttons above or to your right(even email me) and we can have a lovely warm convo where ever you choose 🙂

Sam xx